About Us

OMG I Really Want that!

Do you find yourself saying that all the time whether you're just window shopping, or you are surfing online?

There are so many whimsical, unique and fun things available these days and I have started a collection of some of the best sellers and items that may be of interest to you or people you know.

Right now, the FOCUS is on FACE MASKS.  At a time when there is very little normal about our world, we know that we can make strides when we choose to wear a mask. 

There is nothing wrong with the basic white or blue masks, but some people want to stand out or make a statement based on their personality.

We are also capable of making custom masks based on names, various text, pictures, etc.   The cool thing is we can match your mask with other items such as:

  • Aprons
  • Tote Bags
  • Backpacks
  • T-shirts
  • baseball caps
  • leggings
  • mugs
  • water bottles
  • stickers

We also create car seat covers, leather boots, sneakers, including high tops, sandals, blankets, hoodies.  The list goes on and on....

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Terri & the Crew